Lara Bucci
Broker, REALTOR®

(937) 520-7992

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Charlotte in 2015 to start a home building business with my husband after a unique stint in Texas.

Shortly after we were married in 2014, my husband, Blake, and I moved to Texas from Ohio because Blake got a job as an engineer at an oil and gas company. Little did I know that the location of this company was in a small rural town far away from civilization or a decent grocery store.

To become more involved with and familiar with the town, I got my real estate license. I wanted to eventually get into the business of renovating or building new homes, which is what led us to Charlotte. A business opportunity with a family friend in Charlotte was presented, and I immediately fell in with the Queen City after being given just a quick tour. I went back to Texas, told my husband the dogs and I were moving to Charlotte and that he was more than welcome to come along. He made the right choice and decided to leave Texas and come on this new adventure with me. He now owns his own company and focuses on building homes in Villa Heights, Commonwealth Park, Midwood, and historic Wilmore.

As the wife of a homebuilder, and as someone who has been a part of the building process, I know what to look for during the home buying process. Since I have worked on renovations firsthand, I look at foundations, what’s behind the drywall, and other details most buyers wouldn’t know to look at. I want to make sure my buyers are purchasing the right property!

In the four years I’ve lived in Charlotte, I have lived in different neighborhoods, but we currently call NoDa home. I love walking my dogs around the neighborhood looking at all the art murals, and we love walking to Reigning Doughnuts and trying all the different restaurants.

My husband and I share a passion for travel, volunteering at the local animal shelter, and spending time with their beloved dogs in the great outdoors.

I love homes. I love the whole process of building and watching something grow from the foundation up and become something beautiful. It only felt natural to use my knowledge to help others find the home of their dreams. I can’t wait to help you find yours!

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